Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's sinking in

It's finally sinking in, and isn't as much of a shock as it was before. I think Mike and I are finally somewhat excited about the prospect of having two babies at once. For a long time other people were more excited than we were about us having twins. We were terrified (and still are) and apparently some people even wondered whether we were excited at all.

Of course we are. I think that it's wonderful and we wouldn't change it for anything, however it is a bit daunting when faced with the idea of daily life. Bottles alone will have to number close to 50 in our house just so that we have back up in case they don't all get washed in a day. Diapers are going to pry be on the upwards of 20 at the beginning, and that's just the two most obvious things that we've thought about. There's a lot that we have to prepare for, and a lot that we have to purchase, find, fix, and rearrange in our house. But, we're excited too.

I think next week, when we find out what the babies are, it will definitely hit home more that there will be two coming home, and then it will maybe make it seem more real. I think it may be more real for me, being that I'm carrying them around, however seeing them again next week will hit it home again for Mike.

Ché has successfully moved upstairs. We were prepared for more crying, and more trying to get attention, but he transitioned like a champ and still loves his room. He also told Nana today that the babies are coming around Christmas time, and that they aren't going to be staying in his new yellow room upstairs. They get his old fishy room, but not his fishy blanket, because he only has one of those!

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Michelle Smiles said...

Wow! I am really lax in my blog reading lately - I didn't realize you were pregnant - and with TWINS! Congrats!
And there is nothing wrong with being daunted by the prospect of 2. I would be. I was only pregnant with 1 (Sabrina was just over a year old so that freaked me out a little when I found out) and my initial reaction wasn't particularly positive because I was sure I would have another miscarriage. So we all walk into it with different emotions - but in the end we are all happy and thankful for our little blessings. Congrats and enjoy!