Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Because a new school wasn't enough

We also moved Che upstairs to his new big boy room.
Our house is a 1 1/2 story, with just one room upstairs and a hallway off of the stairway. He picked the color on the walls, yellow of course, and then he and Nana put up tons of the re-stickable stickers on the walls. We didn't want to paint any murals and stuff on the walls because I'm sure he's going to change his mind within the next couple years what he'd like his room to be.

The first night that he spent in his room, he went to sleep with no fuss. He woke up the next morning with no wakings in the night, and stated that he "loved it up here" and that he liked his new room. He had a few rough times at nap times, however I think that was due to him being very tired and needing the nap.

I'll take some pictures soon and get them up here to show you his new room. He's so proud of it and gladly gives tours to anyone willing to be entertained!

On the school front:
We thought Thursday would be rough, being that it was the 2nd day for the week. He was so excited to go, and when my mom picked him up that afternoon, he told her that he was going to go all 5 days next week because he liked it so much.

We've noticed a definite change in his behavior and speech. His speech is clearer, and slower, and he's more bubbly and outgoing. This was the behavior we saw at home, but not when out and about with other people. I'm excited to see him this way, saying Hello and Good-bye to people without being prompted, excited to be going to school.

I'll admit though, that it does make me a bit sad because he's growing up and the fact that he's going to be 4 soon doesn't help that.

Where does the time go?

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