Thursday, September 10, 2009

He does listen!

Without trying to sound like the typical biased parent, Ché is smart. He knows a lot of things, songs, ABC's, numbers, math skills, people's real names, his own long name (and he can say it almost correctly!) and much more.

The problem? He won't share the information. With anyone.

I've been working with Ché recently on writing his name, and learning his address. The address is 2nd to the name. He can recognize his name in print, and sign it using American Sign Language. (which Mike thinks is confusing, I don't but whatever...)

He is really stubborn about writing his name though so I gave up for a bit, thinking that it was alright that he wants to just play and be a little boy, and that there was plenty of time to get to writing and all those other learning things later. I figured in a few months we could revisit.

However, yesterday at a playgroup apple orchard outing the owner asked if any of the kids could write their names on the chalkboard. Guess who did it? Of course, the child that won't share anything with me, actually does listen to me. Now, he wrote the "C" backwards and struggled with the "h" before finally writing it backwards, but guess what, one perfect "e."

So, thanks for making me look like a liar Ché!

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