Thursday, November 20, 2008

A man, a mustache, a plan. (*Updated with Clean shaveness)

So, Mike is participating in a mustache-a-thon, for lack of better words.

Some people from his work are participating as well, so he's not the only clean-shaven weirdo walking around with the snow flying.

Many of you that know Mike, also know that he always has facial hair. ALWAYS. I have never (in 7 years), seen him totally clean shaven. One time after the slip of a razor, I did see a great reduction in the amount of facial hair, but never clean shaven off. It's really an odd site, and I'd love to have a picture, but don't. The only I have is this:

Pre-shave, but a lot less hair than normal.

And Post Shaven.... hehe.

The money that they raise for growing mustaches is going to be donated to our local Boys and Girls club. Sooo, all you lovely people, how about a 5 spot to help out our Boys and Girls club?

It truly is legitimate, even though it sounds crazy... check it out:


Mike said...

Thanks for the mention! There is a post-pic floating around, somewhere....but we don't need to share my fat chin right now. We'll wait until there's a 'stache of note.

Mike said...

Oh dear lord. Its worse than I thought.

Try not to laugh at me...I'm really not that fat.

Mike said...

Yer such a butt.

MissHum22 said...

TOO WEIRD! ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha... from your adoring brother!