Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I am the worst parent ever.

Today, I had a court hearing at 9:30 and Ché had a doctor's appointment for a cough that wouldn't go away. He never had a fever, got lethargic, anything! It had started to subside so we weren't really worried and thought it was on it's way out. Mike and his Mom took him to the doctor, and I waited to hear something.


Today at 9:30, our doctor ordered a chest x-ray. Ché has a "spot" of bronchitis and a sinus infection. So, now he's on an antibiotic, and Singulair.

The problem is that we weren't told what the Singulair was for, and the pharmacist said it is sometimes prescribed for asthma...

We have to ask some questions at his follow up on the 25th.

I just feel guilty for not being there when he needed to have an x-ray and all.


Mike said...

Bah, he's ok dear. No sinus infection, that was just a possibility. He had a good time for the most part, and really liked looking at the pricey x-ray machine.

Mike said...

Oh, and given some of your clients, I think you're most certainly nowhere near them!

MissHum22 said...

It's okay, Liz. He'll be just fine. Kids take this stuff in stride - it is a lot easier on them than it is on us!

Like two days ago - the girls (who also have the cough that never goes away) got their shots. Nadja flipped her wig and I had to pin her down as she was screaming bloody murder, because she hit the nurses hand during the first shot and swiped it right out of her leg (which only meant that she had to get it twice). She was bucking and screaming and then little Romana decided she had to protest her sister's cruel injustice and threw herself on the floor screaming, "No! NaNa! NO!" and crying hysterically. So to anyone strolling down the hall, it sounded like a massacre.