Monday, October 13, 2008

Toddler Musings

Every Monday Ché attends "school." Mike and I switch off taking Ché to school every week so that it isn't a burden on one of us, and we both get the joy of picking him up at the end of the day. I believe we both take different routes to get to school, and the route that I take, leads us down a very busy residential area with a lot of kids. Being that we're traveling around 8 o'clock makes it so that there are a lot of buses out in the morning. One thing that I have been amazed at is the differences in the conversations now involving the buses vs. a year ago. A year ago at best we got a "BUS!" shouted excitedly from the back seat, but now, it's much more involved.

On our way to school this morning (10.13.08) we took our normal route, since driving down Portage usually heeds 6 or more buses.
We (Ché and I) were counting buses and I was explaining the difference between the school bus and the city bus.

(Can you tell the difference?)

Well, luckily the city bus in front of us dropped a lady off with her groceries, and he saw it, promptly telling me “Momma, that bus dropped that lady off.”

So then Ché continued to tell me that he would like to ride a bus too. I told him that he was not old enough to ride the school bus, however that anyone could ride the city bus. I asked him where the bus would take him and he told me that it would take him to school, then pick him up at school and then drop him off at home where Momma and Daddy and Candy are.
This alone was a great conversation but it didn't stop there!

So Ché continues talking about when he’s bigger he’s going to ride the bus to work. (What an environmentalist we're raising!) I ask him where he works, and he told me at a hotel. I asked him what he did for his job at a hotel and he told me that he ate and swam in the swimming pool, then he changed his mind and said that he swam in two pools. He also went on to tell me that sometimes he feeds the bird at the hotel where he works, eating and swimming. (Some of this comes from our trip to Indy where the hotel had a parrot in a cage that of course was fascinating)

I then asked Ché what he wants to be when he’s bigger, and he told me, “A lobster.” I confirmed what he said and he further explained that he wants to be a lobster so he can “pinch, pinch, pinch.”
(Perhaps this is what he has in mind?)

Fascinating. Utterly fascinating that we have moved from "BUS!" to whole conversations with context and meaning, and free thinking. Sigh, I guess he really is growing up even though we still wear 18 mo. pants...

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