Monday, October 13, 2008

Belated, but better than never!

Saturday, October 11, 2008 was Mike and my 5th year anniversary (I can hardly believe that I'm old enough for that...)
But it's true. 5 years. 19% of my life has been lived with Mike, which is 1,852 days!


So we celebrated with a gift card that Mike had received for his birthday (Thank you!) and enjoyed an evening alone.
We dined at Bonefish, where Mike, very predictably had the trout with tomato, lime, garlic sauce and I had the pork tenderloin with the portabella piccatta sauce. It was very yummy. Of course we shared some Bang, Bang, shrimp and a key lime pie piece for dessert.

Since our reservations were at 8:00 we went home after dinner, put on comfy clothes and watched TV. I know, you're jealous of our very active life
But, the best part is that I got to spend time with Mike, alone, without being interrupted. I love Ché and wouldn't do anything to change our family, but it was nice to have a night alone!
I'm happy to be married, I have no regrets, and I'm looking forward to many, many more years! I leave you with this:

We were grinning like fools, so Mike said in his PicasaWeb album. I'm still grinning like a fool though knowing how happy I am, even though we do have some bumps in the road!

Yay us! and Happy Anniversary Momd!


Mike said...

I like the new redesign. I love you too.

MissHum22 said...

Happy belated Anniversary! The wedding was so much fun!

Love the new look -