Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The world doesn't stop

Even though you feel like it does.
It's Tuesday and I'm back at work. Memorial Day was yesterday and that was difficult. Going to the parade and seeing the fire trucks and other big equipment that my Dad bought was really hard. Mom had to walk away she started crying so hard.
We had a noon-time picnic, nothing fancy, just hotdogs, sausage and the accompanying sides. It was strange not having Dad there though, and no one really knew what to talk about with one another. It was the proverbial white elephant in the room.
Life does go on though, in fact so much so that the afternoon, post nap-time was fairly "normal." We (Mike and I) took Ché on a walk down to the creek near our house. He had a great time, and didn't want to leave although we made him. We then went for ice cream and to play at Clay Park.
Here's a few high-lights:

Ché was so determined to keep things in his bucket. It was comical though that he didn't always keep ahold of the bucket.

Mike on the other hand was determined to catch something, a crayfish, a fish, anything. What he did catch though were bugs, and other teeny things.
Ché was so confident even though the water was up to his thighs. He feel one time, got back up, wanted a few minutes of hand holding and then was off playing again.

Ché has grown so much Mike doesn't have to bend over to hold his hand anymore!

So excited to share what was in his bucket. (mayfly larvae)
One of the highlights of my weekend though was last night around 9pm, when Ché started calling for me. Usually he calls for Daddy, (who makes him giggle, and let's him stay up later, ahem, ahem), but not last night.
I went in and he was standing in his crib with a blankie and Mikee. This is the conversation that followed:
Ché: Up Please
Mama: Why Ché?
Ché: Sleep, Mama.
Mama: Are you having trouble falling asleep?
Ché: mmhm
Mama: Do you want Mama to help you fall asleep?
Ché: mmhm
So, I scooped him up and sat with him in the chair until he fell asleep. I know I don't have much more of that snuggly time left, and it was wonderful. He proceeded to sleep through the storms, and awoke again calling for me this morning.
The tides are turning Daddy, the tides are turning.


Jen said...

Those pictures are great! Ché is such a cutie!

Tanya said...

What a sweetie! I have to agree... even though my boy is only 9 months old he's growing up way too fast. Enjoy those snuggles while you can.

Busted said...

I just came via NaComLeavMo, and don't know where to begin. I'm so sorry for the loss of your father. Che is such a beautiful boy. I loved the picture you posted below of your dad holding him on his adoption day. Many, many hugs.

Susan said...

I'm very sorry about your Dad. I can tell he was a great Dad and Grandpa. I'm glad he got to see your new son before he passed. Che is gorgeous--hold on to those cuddling moments!! I'm here from NaComLeavMo.

Jendeis said...

Look at your little munchkin. So cute!

**susy** said...

i'm sorry memorial day was hard on you and your family, especially mom. but it was nice to see the 3 of you had a nice afternoon and you were able to have a snuggle w/ che. get those snuggles in while you can.

Chris said...

Holiday "firsts" are always so hard. My thoughts are with you and your family. I'm glad you were able to find some joy though. The pictures are precious!

Pepper said...

Here from NaComLeavMo.

My deepest condolences on the loss of your father. Holidays during the first few years after the loss of a loved one are so hard. It's so nice that you had your husband and your little one with you. I hope the summer brings your family lots of wonderful things.

Vanessa said...

It is amazing to me how someone I don't know can touch my heart. The love you have for your Dad is touching, and I am so sorry to read of your loss. treasure all of the time you had with him, and the memories you have. Your son is precious, embrace every moment you have to snuggle with him while you can.
... via NaComLLeavMo...

smartypants said...

What a beautiful family! So sweet! here via NCLM!

My name is Andy. said...

Stopping by from NaComLeaMo.

What a great memory, being called for to snuggle!!