Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I was gonna

But Mike did it first.

I would say though that cock-fighting is pure family fun per se....

Here are the related articles though that he did not post:

South Bend Tribune: Accounts Differ over South Bend Parade cockfighting
  • In which different people tell different stories

  • The most common being that they think it was on purpose

Posted by a South Bend Tribune Reader:

"The West Sude Memorial Day Parade was terrific as usual, at least up until the end.As a Scout Master I like to use this solemn occasion to help illustrate Duty to Country with my young Scouts.This lesson on morals and obedience was cut short with a terrible display of two roosters being placed face to face and let go to fight in front of me, my Scouts a at least a dozen small children standing in the crowd.The group that called themselves Rancho Los 3 Luceros has disgraced this special occasion to honor those who gave their all for our country and what it stands for.I was very dissapointed that I had to whatch such an appauling and disrepectful display and disregard for those that were there to honor the men and women of our armed forces.Duty to Country requires that you obey and respect the laws of the country you chose to live in.In my opinion this group should be banned from any additional such activities and reprimanded for their total lack of consideration of those standing in the crowd especially the young ones.It is and was a shame to finish the parade on such a sour note. For me the day was tarnished by this event as there were no lack of questions as to why the roosters were put together to fight.We are a nation of laws, laws that we all must live and work by.For one group to violate any of our laws for their own pride is shameful and should not be tollerated.I am sorry to be so negative on such an occasion butI felt this needed to be stated.God Bless AmericaGod Bless those who gave their all."

Jeff Nicholas, South Bend West Side

West Side Parade incident not a cockfight, Officials say

  • Oh come on. Are you serious?

City Investigates Reports of Cockfighting parade entry

And the rest of the comments from South Bend-ites: (BTW, I did not edit these for mistakes, it's just how smart some of our residents are)

"So, is anyone else going to be bold enough to realize that these accusations were leveled against a Hispanic group? Is that why people would just assume that it was cockfighting? This is ridiculous! If two dogs had gotten into a squabble, would similar assumptions have been made? What if it were two roosters from a predominantly white 4-H group instead?Think about it, people. Our veterans gave their lives and service to the US so that all Americans of all heritages could live in freedom. Don't let the specter of racism tarnish that, especially at a Memorial Day parade." -- Harriet Engle

"With all due respect to those involved I was directly in front of these two clowns when the incident happened.There is nothing racial about this.The two birds were both put face to face with each other by their handlers before being let go to squable on the ground.For what other reason would the handlers push the faces of these two birds directly into each other before releasing them.This was not an unitended incindent. I was close enough to see the grins on the faces of these handlers when they did this.In my opinion the only reson they were snatched back up as quickly as they were was that the roosters were headed into the crowd which included children.It is and was totatly disrespectful on behalf of this group to show such disregard to such a solemn occasion.A 4-her would not push two animals together face to face and then let them go on the ground to fight.They have more respect for their animals than that.It is a shame that one group can cast such a shadow over the entire event.All said up to that point the parade was total success." --Jeffrey Nicholas

"I also saw the **** fight and it has nothing to do with race. It was an inappropriate, illegal action that had nothing to do with giving honor to our veterans. At Ford and Dundee, the roosters were put down into the intersection facing each other, only a few inches apart. It was an intentional action. **** fighting is a class "D" felony in Indiana and should not have been allowed, even if only for a few seconds. People around us were shocked and it took a few seconds for it to sink in, what they had just witnessed. Despite the fact that there were many children watching the parade at this intersection. It has nothing to do with race or nationality. It is teaching something illegal to our children and animal cruelty is just wrong!" -- Pamm Garber

"I love animals. This is a trite argument. Hey residents! Find something else to clean up in this town; there are plenty of eye-sores on the list. This cockfighting that never actually made the cut may have been tasteless, surely, but get a real problem, please." -- The Fox

"wow Pam, if you were there when and where it happened then you also saw the older black female officer that had to step back from the two handlers scooping the birds up. Now i know she didn't say anything to the guys, because unlike many people in this town, I was there, and neither my wife nor I heard her say one word , but maybe you know what the law governs an accident or intentional" -- Yancy Bullard

Please feel free to openly comment about cock-fighting and the like. Perhaps next year the parade can have a caged pit-bull fight.


Mike said...

I did cite that article, just not the first one on Tuesday night. But thanks for digging out those comments, they're grrreat!

IT was family fun. And free!


Fertilized said...

I work in a crime lab and we actually got in "cock boots and spurs" last week. We were all amazed. I have NEVER seen such in my life. Thanks for delurking and commenting on my blog!

DC said...

This is horrible! I used to work in law enforcement and have seen first-hand the incredible brutality of this "sport."

Trying to excuse cockfighting based on some sort of "cultural differences" argument is tantamount to saying that beating one's wife is OK, so long as you are from a country where such behavior is considered acceptable.

Anyway, I got here through NCLM and am glad to have found your blog. :)