Tuesday, January 29, 2008

***Special Bulletin***

I am posting this bulletin so that you all are aware of a dangerous trio of bandits. Please study them carefully and let proper Mommy or Daddy authorities aware if you spot them:

1.) The Ring Leader "Mikee"
"Mikee" is the self proclaimed ring leader of the Magnificent Trio. He is currently sporting a green on green striped sleeveless jump suit, red shoes, and a name tag with a lollipop. Please do not be fooled by this innocent get up. He is the big cheese of the group, and while preferring to travel in a pack, will occasionally travel singularly in order to accomplish more mischief.

2.) The Second Fiddle "Piggie"

Piggie has often played second fiddle to "Mikee," however, his real turf is Daycare. Piggie is rarely seen alone, generally only on Mondays, where he is left to create Mayhem at school. "Piggie" does not allow himself to be seen in any attire that would make him stand out, however does have a protruding snout, and an uncurled tail, which is a direct result of many nights spent "on the lamb."

3.) The Newcomer "Buff"

"Buff" is the newcomer to the Magnificent Trio. It is unknown what his true passion is, however he is never seen alone. "Buff" is well-known for his scraggly beard, and the ability to carry one or both of the other members of the "Trio"

Separate, the Trio is only capable of small amounts of mischief, however when banded together in Trio form, they're capable of large attacks on the nearest adult, as well as the creation of soft places to sleep. They can also all be great comfort sources, as well as weapons. The full potential of this "Magnificent Trio" has yet to be seen.

Again, if you see, or hear anything about the "Magnificent Trio", please let us know.

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