Tuesday, March 25, 2008

On the Fertility Front

I haven't talked about it much, because there isn't anything to talk about.
Back in January Dr. Jarrett, met with Mike and I here in town. It's a partnership that was started between my gyno's office and his office. I felt really fortunate that I had switched doctors in time for this to take place.
I believe that Dr. Jarrett is coming up to South Bend to meet with patients once a month.
When we met with Dr. Jarrett in January it was quite an interesting thing. He asked some questions, we told him everything we could (Mike did a lot of talking which is fairly normal), and then he sat back on the little swiveling stool and hmmm'd and hummm'd. Then out of normal he says, "I've got it." It was very professor on the brink of big discovery moment. He confirmed the PCOS, and then upped the dosage of metformin that I take. I believe I take 1500 mg now, as opposed to the 750 prior. I was also told to take a baby aspirin, and a multivitamin. I was also told to do a no carb diet. (that's been hard), and I should lose 30 pounds by March. The thought process behind losing the weight was to see if it would even out my cycles. (I was having cycles every 14 days or so, and it didn't bode well for Mike or I) I was to call at the end of March to set up another appointment.
I've been doing all those things. I admit that I haven't lost 30 pounds, 20 yes, but not 30. I've taken my pills on most days (I forget sometimes) I've taken my temperature every day since Jan. 4th, and charted it accordingly. And I am no longer have a cycle every 14 days, and that has evened out into 30/31 days. So I called Dr. Jarrett and we now have an appointment for April 18th.

Last time we talked to him in January, he stated that if things were sorted out as far as cycles, we would start injectible drugs to see if we can get pregnant. So... in less than a month, I may be needle happy! hooray.

I'll keep you all updated!
An Easter post is coming, but I'd like to add the pictures and I don't have them with me.


MissHum22 said...

good luck guys! You will be in my thoughts the next few weeks...

And 20 lbs in 3 months... THAT'S AMAZING! I have never seen that kind of weight loss outside of the day before vs the week after birth. Way to go! Now throw some of your juju this way because Darin wants to start dieting.

Resplendentquetzal said...

If only it were easy to keep going. Birthday and Easter were not kind.

I mean, if Darin just wants to stop eating anything grainy, go for it! Meat, veggies, fruit, and dairy it is! I have to say that the thing I miss most is toast. I still allow myself to have pizza, because I knew that was a set-up to failure.

Now, if I could just get Mike to stop eating so many snacks perhaps he'd feel better too...