Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Something Different

My life isn't always about Ché. You see, I do have a job, a husband, and other interests. The entry today, comes from my job.
If you don't know, I work for this program: CASA

(Coincidentally, I was somehow volunteered to man the website until we hired someone to do it. The cool parts are mine, the lame parts, not mine)

So I was speaking with a volunteer, a family case manager from the Department Of Child Services, and a parent. Now, I don't work with the most reputable families, so talking with some of them is always interesting. I've learned a few things in this job:

1.) Take everyone's statements with a grain of salt. This applies not only to parents, but other family members, service providers, and anyone that has come in contact with the family.

2.) Write down everything. I won't remember it two days from now.

3.) Be empathetic. How would I feel if someone took my child(ren) away, and left me to figure things out on my own or with little help.

4.) Patience.

5.) People can, and do change. It's hard work, but if there is something at stake as precious as their children, they will do what it takes. (Not all people mind you, but some)

So today I was working with a family. A couple of children that have been out of their home for over a year, pushing two, and we're getting ready to file a TPR. (Termination of Parental Rights). This part of my job sucks. Can you imagine trying to tell someone that you are going to permanently and legally take away the rights to their children and place them for adoption. (I know what I'm's the same reason I have a son, but Ché's birthmom did this voluntarily. These parents often don't.) Now, these parents have problems, and sometimes their children are the only good things they've ever done.

But today, the Dad, still has a chance, but in the next few months, he's really gotta pull it together. Which means: completing a drug program, finding a stable job, finding stable housing, complete an anger management course, and some other things. IN A FEW MONTHS. He's had almost 2 years. Regardless, he used a phrase today, a phrase that I had to write down. (Remember #2 of the things I've learned) It's such a funny phrase that I really had to contain myself in the meeting room to not laugh. Are you ready:

I'm on a gravy train with biscuit wheels.

Now. I've heard of a gravy train. I'm not that sheltered, but a gravy train with biscuit wheels. I've never heard of one of those. Quite honestly, I'd like a ride on that train. It's gotta be scrumptious. The only downfall I see is that the wheels would get soggy and eventually render un-usable.

So, have you heard any phrases that have simply thrown you into a tizzy, or made you laugh at an inappropriate time?

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