Friday, February 29, 2008


I was looking for something else when I ran across these pictures. I had to post them even though they were taken at Christmas time, and it is now almost March.

The 1st time Ché and Nadja ever met was Jan. of 2007. He was not walking so of course was of no interest to Nadja. I mean, how can you play with a kid that doesn't walk. (BTW, she had just turned 2 that previous Nov.) They had met since then, and became closer friends due to mobility. Apparently after a few meetings Nadja would ask when cousin Ché was going to play again. We live about 3 hours apart, so a day time trip just isn't the most doable with toddlers.
This Christmas I think both kids were excited to see each other again. These were taken at Ché's Aunt Sharon's house. Aunt Sharon is Nadja's grandma. Clearly Nadja and Ché just can't stand one another.

So this was the attempt at getting both kids to look at the same camera and smile. At least they're both looking...

After the attempted photo shoot this happened:

Ché is fascinated with babies, and Romana was not missed. He played with her, entertained her while she sat captive in the exersaucer, and generally just stared at her, when he wasn't chasing or being chased by Nadja.

Good Times. We can't wait to see them again soon!

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