Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I don't know...

how much more I can handle. You see, I haven't slept in my own bed since Thursday, January 31st. (That's 4 nights for those of us counting), My husband is sick, although I'm not quite sure with what... since I get very vague answers. To top that off, Ché decided that last night was the night to scream.
Listed are several things that were worth screaming about yesterday:

  1. Marshmallows. I only let him have one, not two. He then proceeded to hold onto the forlorn one marshmallow in the car, through the parking lot and to the deli section of the store, where it finally disappeared.
  2. We screamed the entire car ride to the store (not a long ride, but still) for reasons unknown but probably related to the fact that Daddy was at home sick, and we only had ONE marshmallow.
  3. We screamed in the store, because the bag of marshmallows that we bought to make rice krispie treats for his friends at playgroup wouldn't cooperate and open. And Momma had the audacity to try and put them in the bad. I had to give them back, or Ché would have fallen out of the cart in an attempt to reach said marshmallows. I now have a bag of 1/4 smooshed marshmallows
  4. We screamed in the car, after the store, because I had the gall to suggest that it was going to soon be time for bed. (All parents know that b-e-d is a nasty three letter word.)
  5. We screamed upon pulling in the driveway, because I wanted to take him out of the carseat. This episode was also met with much hitting, and splashing as our driveway was full of water from the melting snow and thunderstorm.
  6. We screamed through a diaper change, despite being given the choice to use the potty, and wear the big boy pants till bed.
  7. We screamed at bedtime, because noone wants to go to bed, except for Momma who is exhausted. At this point Ché fell asleep, Momma was pleased, thought the night would be calm, hahahaha.
  8. At 9:10 he screamed, bloody murder, almost to the huffing puffing stage. I went in, he screamed, I assumed something was wrong, as he kept tensing up his middle. Gas, it had to be gas, so he got a dose of this, rocked, and then Daddy walked by. (For those of you not aware, Daddy is the ultimate in our house. Daddy can do no wrong, and given a choice, Momma is thrown to the side for Daddy.) When I tried to calmly explain that Daddy is sick, he can't hold you, it didn't fly, we screamed louder. Daddy eventually had to come in, and put Ché back to sleep.
  9. I set up the pull out bed for me, Mike went to bed, and Ché was sleeping! Yay! Until like 11 something, when we screamed again. For no reason. He didn't want to get out of the bed, he didn't want to be held. Finally, I figured it out, he wanted to be tucked back in. WE HAVE NEVER HAD THIS ISSUE. So, I tucked him, gave him Mikee, and he dozed back to sleep. I wasn't touching him, I wasn't talking. I was standing there, and then I had the nerve to leave the room, which started the crying again.
  10. One last time, that I remember around 2:29. I refused to go in, I forbade Mike to go in, and he finally stopped.

There may have been more that I am trying to block from memory, but honestly I don't know.

This morning, aforementioned screaming child was calling out "momma" at 7:50. I went in, told him it was too early to be up, and gave him some books. This helped until Grandma came at 8:00. I pulled him out of the bed, and he just collapsed into my arms, a bit tired I think, and didn't want anything to do with being down. Of course we were crying. I asked if something hurt, he pointed to his foot, which meant "Kiss it Momma, make it better," and I did. He slithered down, and toddle to the kitchen to find Grandma. He then climbed into her arms and wouldn't leave them. She asked if she could put him down, he responded "nope" and so having no other tricks up my sleeve, packed up and went off to work, after many hugs, kisses and tears.

Sigh, I can only hope that this doesn't last long for the sake of Grandma, and for my sanity tonight, as I again gear up for a night on the pull out bed.


MissHum22 said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha... whoo. Oh, sorry Liz, I am NOT laughing because this is funny. I am laughing because I know... I know. We have had days like this that have sometimes spun out of control off and on for a week. EVERYTHING is traumatic, even the simplest thing like, "Well, do you want the damn banana or not???" (WAAAAAAAAA!) Hang in there. This, too, shall pass. And return. And pass again...

Hope you're feeling well, at least!

Mike said...

Its all my fault. I was sick with the multi-directional GI tract boogaloo. And, apparently I am sometimes the bees knees. WHY?

It gets Daddy in trouble, and he didn't even DO anything!