Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I'm an addict...

"Hi, My name is Ché and I'm an addict."

"I've been battling several addictions, since joining my family, two of which have turned quite severe. Ham and the Magnificent Trio."

Seriously though, I know all kids are obsessed with things, but honestly sometimes the things they pick are amazing!
Ché has always loved ham. He stuffs it in his mouth like there is no tomorrow. Tonight for dinner, he and I had ham steaks, cheesy hash brown potato things that were absolutely gross, (don't bother buying them), and green beans. I couldn't cut the ham fast enough. At one count there were 5 pieces in his mouth, with just enough space to ask for "Moar"
He did not care about the cheesy hash browns, or the green beans, or the banana. Just wanted "moar ham"

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