Friday, December 28, 2007

Another Christmas

We celebrated another Christmas today. For those of us keeping track we have had 4 so far. My big family, my immediate family, just the three of us, and my husbands immediate family. We are scheduled to be traveling to Chicago for another Christmas tomorrow.

What have been the highlights...

1.) Watching C figure out what presents are and then asking for "Moar" (more).

2.) Seeing that the simplest gift can really excite a two year old

3.) Knowing that we have many, many more Christmas' together.

4.) Being together with our families

What are the highlights according to C?


Yes. It's FLOAM. A a micro-beaded modeling clay. (Ours is the offbrand, but you know, save where you can.) Let me tell you this is like Baby Tactile Crack. Our 2 year old who just two days prior was asking for "moar" presents, stopped dead, demanded the package be opened, and played with on small section of Floam for the remainder of our time together. (About 30 minutes) No persuading, no tricking, could stop this kid from playing with the Floam. I'm not joking. We rolled it into balls, shaped it into bricks, broke it apart, smooshed it together, you name it, we did it to the Floam. And, the plus side: It isn't messy. Not sticky, doesn't stick to your carpet, or get under your fingernails.

It's amazing. If you have a little kid, go get some. If you are short on cash, go here:

Then you can make your own. It doesn't look too hard, and older kids might actually like to make it as a fun project for a too cold, too wet day.

Have fun, and good luck keeping the beads from getting everywhere.

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