Sunday, December 30, 2007

On the 5th Christmas Visit...

We have returned from our 5th Christmas.
We packed up the car and set out for the long journey to Roselle, Illinois.

As many of you are aware, a trip to Illinois to visit Mike's relatives never goes by with a trip to here:
Who can resist stylish Swedish design at an affordable price? We ended up buying quite a few things which include new dishes (rectangle... how cool is that?), a trash can for the car, and cool adjustable lamp, and some other small things, but the highlight of the IKEA shopping trip was:

Yes, it's a pillbug, and yes, it's mouth unzips to store all those cool toddler things.
On the better side though, we got to visit Ché's very cool cousin's, Nadja and Romana. As far as girls go they are the coolest.

The toddlers, Ché coming in at 2 years, and Nadja coming in at 3 years had their warming up period where both hid behind prospective parents legs, but 5 minutes later you thought they'd known each other their whole lives.
Some memorable quotes from the evening include:

Ché: gibber jabber garbaldygook
Nadja: What?

Nadja eating a piece of pizza, Ché comes up and stares at her while she is sitting so nicely at the table
Nadja: Mom why is this kid staring at me?
Said kid (Ché) walks away...
Nadja: Hey little man where are you going?

Two toddlers playing with one train (We all know this ends badly, right?) and they both want the engine, even though there are 6 cars, and Ché lightly hit Nadja because of frustration, and greediness...
Nadja: Hey (to anyone that would listen) Ché hit me in the face!

We only wish we lived closer!

Now, on to those pictures that I promised:

This is Ché helping to decorate our BEARS Tree. Everyone has a tree with orange and blue lights right?

Daddy and Ché playing in the snow. Who'd thought he'd love snow so much. Getting the boots on is a lot harder than I remember from being a child

Another snow picture:

Perhaps the most shocking to us this Christmas, is that we've been home as a family for a year.
We've come a long way together:



We can still wear the same sweater (It's a 12 month and fits better this year at 25 months of age than it did at 13 months), but boy can a lot change in a year. 2007 definitely has had it's ups and downs, but it really has been a great year for our little family.

I hope you all have a great New Year!

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MissHum22 said...

Duh. I HAVE a link!!! We had a wonderful time & I am going to be popping over here... so keep it updated. HA!