Wednesday, February 17, 2010

2 months

Happy Valentine's Day a little late...

At two months old, both girls can lift their heads, and spend much of their awake time watching everything that is going on. Zoe is particularly smitten with Ché. She smiles for him, and calms down when he plays with her (this is especially helpful during diaper changes)
Both girls are drinking more than 4 ounces at a setting normally, and sleeping more than four hours at a time, Hooray! Last night we even had a 7 hour. It was heavenly.
Zoe has started to pick herself up at the waist if you're holding her, or if she's sitting in the highchair/bouncy seat. It's quite disturbing to think she's doing that this early. She doesn't hold it long, but she can bend and get herself into a more upright position if she wants.
Ché is the greatest big brother, a little too handsy at times, but doing well. He always wants to make sure the girls are alright, and tells anyone else what they are doing wrong/right when caring for the girls. It is a bit bossy though so we're trying to curtail that behavior. He loves them dearly, has to say good-bye to them when he leaves, goodnight at bedtime, and good morning everyday. It's so nice to have this large gap between our kids, because he is capable of helping and understanding what's going on, and that sometimes we can't drop everything to give into his desires.

We're definitly working on the balance between baby care and preschooler play.

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ladyrain said... have too i had two boys four years ago. You are one great mom and we rock for bearing and raising twins!