Tuesday, October 20, 2009


With Mike gone I'm doing too much around the house, causing great soreness and exhaustion, so in order to "recharge" for the rest of the week, and avoid any adverse affects (i.e. bedrest) I've decided to take a day off.

With my day off I plan to sit and watch TV, knit, and nap, but not necessarily in that order. So this morning, since I couldn't sleep anymore anyway, I went down to our county health department and received my dose of the H1N1 vaccine. I debated getting it for a really long time, but in the end when several DCS workers that I frequently have contact with came down with H1N1, and then the detention center sent out a memo that there was an outbreak, I decided I'd better get it done.

I've never had a seasonal flu shot until this year, and honestly we worked too hard to get this far to not protect at least myself. I'm also hoping that by me getting it it will lessen the chances for Mike and Che, since they aren't around as many people on a daily basis.

So, now hopefully with a full day of rest, I'll be ready to go tomorrow, back to work and back to finish out the week without Mike home. We'll see how well it all works out. It's been interesting so far and he's only been gone for 4 days.

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Konrad said...

Hope the house isn't too quiet with Mike gone. :)