Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Today's Post brought to you by the letter I...

for Ignorance.
Sunday, Mike, Ché and I headed out to return a Little Bear movie to Blockbuster. (about .3 miles) so we walked. Ché hitching a ride in the stroller.
(Little Bear was his first feature length film by the way, terribly exciting and had to be cut into 2 viewings.)
We were heading to the end of the driveway, and getting ready to turn when we noticed that our neighbor (whose selling her home; cute house, 2 bdrms. if anyone is looking) had put out some furniture and a guy was picking it up.
He was driving a top of the line 90's Astro Van, with the technological advance of bungee cords holding the back doors together.

He loaded up the table and entertainment center, bungeed his doors shut, climbed in through the passenger side door and drove off.
By this time we were a couple houses down and thinking nothing of the guy. We've taken stuff off of people's yards before when they're throwing it out, and we are certainly no strangers to yard sales and consignment stores.
However, this wasn't the end of gray van guy. He drove past us, hanging slightly out the window and yelled something.

It didn't really register right away what was said, but eventually it hit us.
"Sorry dude, that ain't your baby."
We were both really taken aback. We've never had anyone make a comment like this towards our family. Most people either understand or are too polite to say anything. I've had people do double takes when it's just Ché and I, but the normal comments we get are the ones about how cute/handsome/beautiful, etc. he is.
We didn't know quite how to respond. By this time the van and it's occupant had made it across the big street, and was gone. Mike had sent him a little gesture of appreciation (behind the stroller and out of sight of eyes, of course), which was returned with the same gesture.
Regardless, there wasn't much we could do and we tried to remain calm so that Ché didn't think something was wrong. It was just interesting. I laugh about it now, but at the time was very disturbed. It's not that the comment hurt me, because I truly don't care, but the fact that some day, in the very near future Ché is going to understand those comments, and it's going to hurt him.

He is our son, he is our child, and nothing will change that.


Kymberli said...

Ouch! Some people just have no freakin' clue of the damage that they do. I truly hope and pray that Che won't have to endure too much of the ignorance that was shown by Idiot Van Driver.

MissHum22 said...

And that ain't your entertainment center, a-hole!

WOW. what else can I say? WOW.

Mike said...

It was a "double gesture" I passed along, and Ché certainly didn't see it.

Ché was more concerned about whether we'd stop at Subway on the way to BB, for a cookie (we didn't).

I can't say I've ever gotten such a rapid rise out of something someone said. I'd guess he thought I had been cuckolded? Not that he knows that word. Some people.