Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A few weekend pictures

We went to Lowe's on Saturday for some building. We were supposed to make a tape measure, but the shipment didn't come in. So every kid got something different.
Ché was patiently waiting with his hammer for the kits to come out. What would we get?

Why a toolbox! Ché was very excited. We had to hide the stickers till the end.

And a proud Ché all finished. We told him if he was good in the store, then he could get a new tool for his box. He was very very good while we looked at grills.
I cut off his head, because he didn't get the point of holding the tool box at chest height. It was either in front of his face, or down low. Taking pictures in the middle of the light bulb aisle also does not give you a lot of time to adjust for these sorts of things. At the end of the trip, Ché did get his tool. He was very adamant about getting a hammer. So we came home with a Kobalt hammer.
On Father's Day, Ché and I went to church, and then brought Daddy home a bagel breakfast. Mike then continued going through his t-shirts, making cut-offs of the ones with pit rot so bad they stand up on their own. I turned around from working in the kitchen to see this:

Because of course, a t-shirt sleeve makes a great headband. Note the tightness on Daddy's head...
Friday also brought some freaky storms. We got rain, thunder, and hail. We were both stunned at the hail. It did wake Ché from his nap as it hit the windows, and he asked if it was raining. We told him yes, and he went back to sleep.
The black pole is our lampost. It continued for quite awhile, and luckily there was no damage to either of our cars. A friend from work though does have $500 worth of damage and she was just 3 streets over.

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