Monday, June 23, 2008

The 100th Post or Everybody and their Uncle

Ha. It's not a big deal although, kinda neat!
We made it to Chicago. The train ride was great on the way there. We scored a handicapped seat, which meant that Mike and I sat next to one another (riding backwards), and Mom had a single seat, with Ché next to her in his stroller.

He played, and talked with all the people going to the potty since it was across the aisle, and made friends with a little boy that had to go 2 x's on the ride there. Ché had things to keep him busy, and he did a really good job for the two hour ride. One way cost each of us $10.10. Ché was free.

The thing of note though was the amount of people on the train. There were tons. The train added 2 cars in Michigan City and by the time we got to 57th people were standing. We hadn't known that there was a Sox vs. Cubs game that day which made for tons of people playing hooky on a Friday.
We arrived and departed the train at 57th street, and walked a few blocks to the museum. (We took note at this point that parking was $14.00 in the museum garage.) We walked with a throng of people to the museum, and when we got to the basement where you purchase tickets, found a very very long line. Ché was a saint though. He waited patiently in the stroller and understood that we had to wait in line. We decided to eat lunch first so that we didn't have to pull Ché away from an exhibit. Again, did really well, and loved watching all the other people that were eating too.
From the cafeteria we went to the farm exhibit, which was awesome because you got to climb in a tractor, stand next to simulated cow poop, and watch a milking machine. We then headed to the fire trucks, and the miniature castle. Ché left the mini-castle. Not interested in that at all. We then headed to the 3rd floor which has the airplanes, trains, and the mini-train village of Seattle and Chicago.

Mom made Ché a mold-a-rama train.

He was uberexcited. He was unsure of the big train though. Wouldn't stand next to it for a picture. I think he was afraid that it was going to move. We did sit on the trolley car though, which he really enjoyed. We then got to see chickens in the DNA exhibit, and get our fingerprints taken.

We walked to the Yesterday Village where Mom had a nostalgia moment because when she visited the museum in 8th grade they had the same picture studio with the car and the hats.

Ché thoroughly enjoyed watching the silent film in the teeny movie theater and would have stayed all day had we let him. We then visited the gift shop, and then smashed a penny for Ché's book.
We still had a few hours to kill before the train left, so we wondered Hyde park, went into a bookstore, and marveled at the architecture of the buildings. We then stopped at ate at Orly's. It was awesome. The best turkey burger ever.

We made the train in time, and stood in the vestibule while waiting for a seat. We stood for about 5 stops. Ché curled into the stroller and fell asleep. We finally got seats, and rode the rest of the way home entertaining Ché who for being so tired, did a great job. We did have two crazy kids behind us (about Ché's age), that screamed, and fake vomited, and other lovely noises. Ché watched them but was unsure of their behavior and eventually just started to ignore them (yay!)
I will post some pictures when I get home.


Anonymous said...

That sounds like a lovely day out. And Ché sounds so very sweet. Yay!

(Here from NCLM)

Ginny said...

I've always wanted to take a train! Visiting from NCLM.