Friday, May 16, 2008

My Dad

I've always been close to my Dad. A bit too close I think as our lives seem to be opposite parrallels. For example:

When Mike and I were a month away from getting married, my Dad had a heart attack. He had to have 6 bypasses. But, he walked me down the aisle, and danced the first dance.


The week we flew to Guatemala was the same week that Dad learned he had liver cancer.

I'm sure there are other parrallels in our lives, but these two stick out to me the most. It seems as though whenever something good happens to me, life takes a crap on Dad. It's made me nervous to do things with my life. I was convinced that if we got pregnant on this cycle that it would kill Dad. Literally.

Throughout my life, Dad has always felt somewhat guilty and tried to make things up to me. He was graduating from Police Academy the day I was born. He was 3rd in his class and my mom tried to tell the mid-wife and nurses that she would be alright to wait until tomorrow. I didn't wait, and while Dad was graduating I was being born. I think he made it home from Indy in record time. Ever since then he's always apologized for not being there, yet I don't remember, and I certainly don't think it was a terrible thing.

Dad was a wonderful Dad. A person that never got angry or raised his voice. He was always calm and tried to be rational (something that wasn't always easy in my house growing up)

This is Mom and Dad in '07 shortly after being diagnosed:

You can see the pain in my Mom's eyes.

Three generation: My Dad, my brother, and my brother's son:

Dad in his new garage. My parents built a 4 car garage complete with crown molding and curtains. It was my dad's biggest project, but unfortunately he didn't get to spend much time out there.

Dad in his car, which is the reason for the garage!

A happy Papa. This was taken on Ché's adoption day, while we were waiting for the Judge.

I'm sure I'll find more pictures to share.
This is a picture Mike had in his photo storing that he put the link up to in the comment section:


Mike said...
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Mike said...

I love him too. He had me do the work, not just hold a flashlight. He's why I'm not afraid to do plumbing, wiring, or hang a fan (albeit poorly).
He's made me a better husband (I hope), and a better Dad.
(This was taken 10/2004)

**susy** said...

I'll be praying your dad, you and your family.

~Jess said...

I'll be praying for your dad, you and your whole family. It certainly sounds like he's been a wonderful part of your life.