Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Well this seals the deal,

If you can throw 'em back, perhaps a White House job isn't for you.

Alcohol+Deciding the fate of a whole country = no good.

Now, I know that it is alright to drink. I'm not a prude by any means, but these remind me of a girls gone wild before shot. The guy standing next to her in the 2nd picture doesn't look all that impressed, and honestly, if Hillary came to your neighborhood bar and slung a few back, would that impress you? I don't think so. Besides which, if you want to be a respected woman, I just don't think drinking with the boys is the way to go. Sigh. When will women learn?

I'm sure that this was a publicity thing, "make everyone feel that Hillary is one of the people" kinda thing, but honestly, I think there are much better ways of going about that. I also know that there are things in my past that I'd pry be embarassed of should I ever run for public office, but I'm not, and I certainly would think twice about doing such things in the midst of running. I'm just not entirely comfortable with a party girl as president.

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Love2befit said...

So funny! I was wondering where the Secret Service and Billy Boy were?