Thursday, April 10, 2008

I've been Obama'd

Indiana doesn't usually matter. Honestly, normally by this time a nomination has been made and we just vote in a primary for the principal of it. But this year, it matters.

I am actually very excited about this for a few reasons:
  1. Everyone likes to matter, it's a good feeling

  2. I've only known a few presidents in my lifetime, and there seems to be a theme

  3. It makes little towns like South Bend, seem really important.

#1 doesn't need much explanation. But #2, well, let's take a gander at the presidents in my lifetime:


Ronald Reagan


George H.W. Bush


William Jefferson Clinton


To me, that's too much of a theme: Bush, Clinton, Bush. Honestly, I haven't been all the impressed with any of them. Reagan was a figure head, Bush was money hungry, Clinton (no need for explanation), and this Bush, not enough time or blog space to even start.

Of course, they've all had their good parts, including things they've accomplished (or not accomplished), their witticisms, and antics, and they've all had their down points. Any president is going to do that, but I just get tired of the everyone saying their going to do something and they aren't. Therefore I don't want to see the pattern continue on. I don't want a Clinton in the White House again. Enough is enough, I think it would be too much to have Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton. We aren't kindergartners lining up plastic bears in patterns for goodness sake.

Regardless of the past we are now, as Hoosiers, at a point were we actually get to decide who might win the nomination for the Democratic party. Senator Clinton, or Senator Obama.

Which takes me to #3-- Making South Bend feel important.

(South Bend generally votes blue, even though Indiana historically votes red)

Senator Clinton had already begun campaigning in our area. She wanted to speak at a local high school, and was told no, because she wanted to speak during school hours, and wouldn't budge on the time. So, she went to another corporations high school and spoke there. Senator Obama also wanted to speak at same said high school, and was told yes. Of course this cause uproar, but the difference: Sen. Obama chose the week of Spring Break, and didn't speak until 10pm. You had to pick up tickets at a local democratic office, and they were gone in 25 minutes. Luckily my wonderful father-in-law came by some tickets and he lovingly gave them up to Mike and I. So, at 7:10 off we went to said high school and waited to hear Sen. Obama speak. It was an experience. Something I doubt will happen again in the near future, what with us not being all that important. I was astounded by the number of people, the diversity of people, and the energy in that gym.
I would do it all over again, even though I had to stay up way past my bedtime. One of the highlights of the evening though was when Tim Roemer went and found a baby that Sen. Obama said he would kiss. (The parents of the baby were going to pass the baby right up to the stage in the middle of the speech, but Sen. Obama said he would wait till the end.) Of course, Rep. Roemer didn't forget and here's the proof:

**Just had to add the link Mike left in the comments

Indy Star Photo Slideshow


MissHum22 said...

How cool to have been a little part of history.

I agree: Bush, Clinton, Bush, Bush...Clinton? No thanks. In with the new.

Mike said...

I love that you found a picture of that poor tired kiddo!

Thanks dear, I had fun too. Odd sort of date though. :P

Mike said...

Here's some more pics!

Mike said...

oops. that should work.