Monday, March 3, 2008

Weekend Recap

Mike really said most of what went on this weekend in his blog. He also elaborates on our Hooters trip.
Honestly. We took the 2 year old to Hooters. Now when he develops a fetish for orange hotpants, we can explain why. I don't know what possessed us to actually go there. The options are endless in our town, but I would like to think that it has something to do with the fact that we were hungry, on a time budget, and had a 2 year old with an empty belly with us.
I know we should have been better parents, we should have snacks, and definitive plans, but hey we all can't be perfect, right?

In hindsight, it wasn't horrible. We learned of Ché's great interest in bowling, and it was quiet. Who else is in a Hooter's on a Sunday afternoon? (Answer: Drunk guys and surprisingly other families)

Anyway, we then went home and Mike, so smartly, told Ché that we were going to go swimming. As anyone in the parenting world is aware, you don't tell 2 year olds plans that are not concrete, just in case it doesn't work out. First of all, when we turned the car onto our street it was met with much screaming! The pool does not open for family swim until 2:00. Not 1:55, not 1:57, 2:00. It was 1:30. We had to get suits, towels, toys, and accessories before heading to the pool. Seriously, you would have thought we pulled the kids leg off. He was screaming, yelling no, and pointing the opposite direction we were going. We finally were able to convince him that we can't swim naked, and needed to get things ready at home.
To be on the safe side, Mike checked the schedule for the pool. Now, you see, Notre Dame is on Spring Break which means that pool schedules are different. But this was what was posted:

Pool: Closed 10am to 6 pm Family Hours 2pm to 5 pm

So that's confusing. Mike called. The guy on the phone said the pool was closed due to some class, but would be open for family hours. yay! No disappointing a toddler. So we head over at 2:00. Campus is literally 5 minutes from our house, so it doesn't take long. We walk up the marble steps, across the lawn and into the building, 2 bags, 2 adults, 1 child. The lady at the counter says: "Are you here for the pool?" Mike of course says yes, and she then says "It's closed because of Spring Break."

At this point we are pretty dumbfounded. We were told it was open, we were all set, and Ché knew where we were. How do you explain that to a kid? So, we walk out. The crying and screaming starts again. Visibly and audibly upset by the act of us walking out of the pool building. (I hope the lady heard it and was saddened too)

So we make the decision to go to the other pool. The cold pool. The pool we usually go to has a therapy pool, that's 5 feet at it's deepest and feels like bath water. No one gets cold, there's no shivering, and we can stay about an hour, which is very good for tiring Ché out. The big pool, where the meets are held, and the diving competitions held is cold. It's meant for competitive swimming. Not the ideal place for a Sunday afternoon family swim.

But we promised swimming. So we go, and find there's no family locker room which means one of us has to go it alone. That means me. But Ché is inherently well behaved, so there were no problems. We shower, and head to the pool, where we join another Mom and her son, for a swim.


If Ché wasn't brown he'd pry have turned blue. But instead he shivered, and shivered, and shivered. We let him stay in 30 minutes. He didn't want to leave, but we couldn't let him keep swimming when he was so cold. So we left.
The nice part was, that after swimming he and I went in to rinse off, in the nice warm showers, and he put his head on my shoulder and took a little nap whilst letting the warm water cascade down his naked brown butt.

We had a good time, but can't wait for the regular pool to come back that's warm, and provides the nice family locker room to help in the readying of Ché for pool.

Another random thing that Ché has started doing is saying Chicago (Chi-ka-o) and Toledo (toe-lee-do) when we drive over the tollroad. Don't worry Beavers, we're teaching him that that's how we get to Nadja and Romana or Nadj and Ro as Ché calls them.

Hope your weekend was just as nice as ours!

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Mike said...

I think he says "Naj," with no 'd.' But I guess its debatable.

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