Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I had a post in mind

But I forgot it. Damn my old memory!

I wanted to check in and say that this diet thing is for the birds. I'm doing well, or so I think, but honestly, I do have trouble sometimes. My downfall:


I can't say no. I just can't. The cheesy, mushroomy, blackolivey calls me everytime. It's like hypnotizing almost. I can even resist the deserts and bread. But not pizza. And, homemade pizza just isn't the same as a take out place. Polito's is my favorite...

I can even resist the frozen kind, which I apparently used to eat a lot of, but not now. In the past month, I've had pizza 3 times, twice at Polito's, and another at Mancino's.

Oh pizza. Sigh.

On the positive side, I have lost 15 pounds in a month which is good, so hopefully Pizza and I will strike an agreement someday. It's a love/hate relationship.

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