Thursday, February 7, 2008

Aye, Mateys!

The Guatemalan Pirate be afoot!

No, don't be alarmed rape, and plunder of passing ships hasn't been an issue, but what has it the ever popular "aye"

You see, Ché has taken to answering every affirmative answer with "aye" not yes. Try as we might to correct this slightly annoying, but hilariously funny quirk, nothing works. We continuously repeat "yes" every time we hear "aye," and Ché will then say "yesh," however his first instict is "aye."

We don't know who taught him this, however we do know who's encouraging it... ahem, ND Bio friends...

So, beware of the Guatemalan Pirate and the true possibilty that he may turn to plundering juice and cookies if you come too close! And if you don't comply, you are subject to Pirate Commandment #3: The plank is your law! Obey the plank! Never question the plank!

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