Sunday, January 27, 2008


It's been awhile since I've posted. Guess I haven't had much to say.
Work has been about the same, and the diet is going well. I can update that going "No-carb" in a household of carbfiends isn't easy! I knew that it would be a venture on my own, because Ché obviously cannot live without grains, and neither can Mike, but man is it hard!
I am finding though that it is easier to do it with others around, because I don't want to be called out for sneaking something that is technically off limits. Therefore, I find that I am limiting my alone time, which isn't hard to do in a house with a toddler. My only alone time consists of going to the bathroom and sleeping. Two things that really shouldn't have food involved!
Anyway, I've managed to drop 13.5 pounds since January 4th, but honestly even though my clothes feel bigger I can't say as though I've noticed much difference physically yet. I've had no one make comments, (not even my husband, ahem...), but it's just different. Oh well, maybe it is yet to come.

On an entirely different note, we took Ché swimming today, in the therapy pool at the rec. center on campus. 90 degrees of water is the perfect place to swim for a 2 year old! He did really great. We haven't been since the summer, and he was still clingy at the end of the season.
This time though, he was equipped with this:

It has removable foam sheets that you can take out as your child becomes a stronger swimmer, and is adjustable and was really easy to put on. The shoulder straps un-velcro, and you just step in. I really just put it on Ché today for two reasons 1.) to see if it fit (it does), and 2.) to get him used to wearing it, and that he has to wear it to go in the pool. Well, my plan did the opposite of backfired, it forward fired so to speak. As soon as he got used to being back in the water, and realized that the crazy thing his mother put him in, actually made him float, he was off. I don't mean off 2 inches from the side, I mean off.
He was all over the pool, didn't care if the bigger kids splashed him in the face, was fine that Mike and I were not right there to pick him up and carry him around, just free and independent as a 10 year old. It was pretty amazing.
Of course, our visit to the pool was cut a bit short when we swallowed too much water and threw it back up in the pool, but what can I say?
All in all, it was a laid back, fun Sunday.

How did you spend your weekend?

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Mike said...

Its hard for me to notice subtle changes that is the work of beauty that is you!

That said, of course I'm proud of you. Lord knows I'd cry without cereal for more than 2 days.

I'm weaaak.