Friday, January 4, 2008

Here we Go ** Updated

Well, in one hour we will be meeting with the RE. For those of you that don't know, it's a Reproductive Endocrinologist.
Yea. I'm sure that I will have plenty to report afterwards, although they said it was only going to last 30 minutes.

I don't know what is going to come of this meeting, is it a meet the doctor meeting, is there an exam, will we start stuff in January?

Sigh, I'm sure I'll have the answers and I'll share what I feel like later, but for now I just sit and wait and worry and get nervous, sigh.

**We did meet with the RE. He was very nice, but blunt and obviously too the point. We were in his makeshift office (an exam room with papers on the table instead of women in stirrups), for about 30 minutes. He listened, asked some questions, and then said, "hmm, I'm thinking, I've almost got it, yes I've got it." Gave us a very glossy color printed "handbook" and told us what to do.

Just a bit of a back story. The RE comes from Indy to South Bend about once a month. It is a new thing they have just started, and this was his initial trip. He doesn't work out of the office here and travels the 2.5 hours to see patients here since he is so well know.

So what do we have to do? First, it isn't a we. It's a me. What does Liz have to do? Since Liz has PCOS it means we, or actually I get to do this:

1.) Start taking more drugs. Yippee. I am currently taking 1500 milligrams of metformin(a insulin lowering drug), and that has been upped to 2000 milligrams a day. I will be taking provera, or progesterone, because things are just that screwed up for me.
2.) I am not allowed to eat anything. Not exactly but here's the paragraph from the glossy handbook:

"... follow what we call a low amylose diet (no simple carbs, no potatoes, no bananas, no corn, no bread, no pasta, no cereal..."

On the plus side I should lose about 10 lbs. a month doing this.

3.) If this doesn't immediately help our chances of getting pregnant, then I will move on to the injectible drugs.

There are all sorts of other things in the "handbook" which just sound particularly pleasing are ovarian drilling (laser), capsule resection, and multiple punch biopsies to name a few.

Who knew it was this hard to have a child? I mean I know I'm overweight, but damn, I see heavier women having kids all the time, unhealthy women, 13 year old girls that don't even know what the world is about yet, and here I am 25, relatively healthy, overweight and this is what I have to do.


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Best of luck - may all go smoothly & work in the first round! Lots of love-