Saturday, January 5, 2008

Frère Jacques

Yes. The old song that we all know that gets stuck in our heads.
We don't really know how it started. Presumably someone in our house, Mike or I most likely started singing this one day with Ché. Bad idea.
Ché really likes music. He sings alot, plays the piano(as best a 2 year old can) but very gently, never banging on the keys, and he has his own basket full of music toys that he uses almost on a daily basis. He can clap, pat, or whatever to any rhythm that he hears, and if you ask him to repeat a clapped or patted rhythm he can do that too. He is constantly finding the beat in songs, and sometimes even does the counter beat, or syncopates the rhythm. It's quite disturbing sometimes.
We also take Ché to a music class. Miss Paulina used to run the class right in her living room, but is moving it to a local church because of the amount of people that have been signing up. Ché sings the songs from music class which range from traditional, to folk, to originals by Miss Paulina. He truly loves it and often sings bits and pieces at home.
So, because he loves music so much, someone had to go and buy him a drumset for Christmas. We knew it was coming and it was practicaly ineveitable. So, we now have a drum set and of course what song and beat do we play most often: Frère Jacques

Feel free to listen to 46 seconds of my kid rockin' it out to Frère Jacques, and applauding himself at the end.

As Mike said: "He's been singing this song a lot, but geez, he just demands an audience when he takes over the drum kit (thanks a lot Nana ;P). A rare day indeed when he doesn't rock out on the cymbals, usually that's his first destination. His coordination on the bass drum is improving."

At the end of the clip, Ché puts the drumsticks in the bassdrum. It's hollow in the front, much like any drum, and doesn't yet have a towel in it, but soon will. He had to learn, or yet, we had to teach him very early on that drumsticks are not for anything but drums, and ever since then he has taken to putting the sticks inside the bass drum. It's quite hilarious to watch the determination on his face as he "bows out" for the evening with the drums.

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Anonymous said...

I love it!!! what a great rhythm and let me tell you, singing and playing the drums at the SAME TIME it is not an easy task! signs of a bright future for this very talented artist.
Thank you so much for sending me this guys I really enjoyed it!