Thursday, January 10, 2008

Gerber Cup

Damn these Gerber Coloring Changing Cups. I mean, yea they're nifty because they change colors, and the valve system is easy, and they are easy to grasp for a 2 year old, but they're heavy when filled with juice.
How do I know? Other than the obvious: I hold them when filling it up for Ché, and I pick it up off the floor when it is deposited and left for clutter, but when they are flung at you, it hurts.
Yes, my perfectly angelic little child throws things. I know, who would have thought that their own child could be capable for throwing something other than a ball which is meant to be thrown.
You see, I was making dinner, everything was great, Ché was on the floor playing, having a juice break. No problems. Then Mike came home, and well those of you that no him, there's a problem right there. (Not really, but it sounded good!) He of course scooped up Ché, because the 2 of them home together means I'm chopped liver, and Mike and he were talking and carrying on.
I was rinsing something off, while they were standing next to me, and Mike asked Ché for a kiss. Not an awful request mind you, but this was met with a definitive "NO!" and then the tossing of the juice cup. Mike swerved, and I, oblivious to the physical part of the conversation was left with the brunt of said juice cup.

I know how a bruised swollen thumb. Yea, I spent the rest of my night left handed because it hurt to bend my thumb and then sat with ice the other part of the night in an attempt to get the throbbing to stop. Fun times.
Ché? Yes, he spent 2 minutes in the corner, while I cried, and after I screamed and bent over in pain, to which I think he was a bit shocked. He came out of the corner, gave me a hug, then burst into tears. I think this was empathy, which is good to know that my 2 year old has some. But by the end of the night he had forgotten, which is pretty typical. ah, well.
So to you: Beware of the full sippy cup.
To me: Pay more attention to the physical conversation between Dad and son.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so very sorry. I didn't really have time to warn you of the airborne cup....