Thursday, January 10, 2008


Ché had a doctor's appointment today, and I lied to him. Ché has a great memory and the first time we every visited the doctor he had to have 7 needle sticks which of course made for a very very unhappy baby. Consequently every time after he gets really quiet, and a little mopey and weepy at the doctor's.

Today, I told him that there weren't going to be any shots and upon my arrival, found out that he had to have 1. Sigh. I didn't mean to lie to my own child, but inadvertently did. Ché of course didn't know this and he did really well through the whole visit. He even let the doctor look in his mouth which was great since he usually bites the wooden stick and clamps on hard. He wouldn't follow the light with his eyes very well, because he thought it was a game. Ché now weighs in at an astonishing 24 lbs. 12 oz, and is 33 1/2 inches tall. I know that would be big for a 1 year old, but he's 2. This drives Mike nuts that he's going to be small. In fact wants to put him on human growth hormone. Nothing like a 7 foot tall Mayan coming at ya!

And then came the shot. I gave him a cookie, he had juice and I was in his face, blowing air which he though was funny, until Mike held his knee down. Then it was all over, the face scrunched up, he stopped breathing, and finally let out the most pitiful cry ever, the one that makes you feel guilty because you just hurt your kid. Sigh, I hate that cry. You'll be glad to know though that all cries were stopped when the magical watermelon lollipop appeared!

It wasn't terrible, but now I fear he will never believe me again about the doctor, even though the very nice nurse, who is a pro at giving shots so much so that I don't even cringe when she does them, told me that he doesn't have to have any shots till he goes to Kindergarten.

I'm holding her to it.

So I do have one question to finish up this post:

If you knew that your child was going to be small, (for a boy around 64" or 5'4" or so) would you consider growth hormone?
Keep in mind that most males in the U.S. are over 5'9" which is a full 5" taller than what Ché will pry be.

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MissHum22 said...

That is a really good question. I have an uncle who is about 5'1"... and he is an angry little fella. HA! But it has more to do with his personality than his height.

I think you should write down every pro & con down for both choices and weigh your options on paper. Then decide. Don't get your emotions involved (yes, not possible, I know.) I think he'll live a fun life, short or average, because he has such a great family.