Monday, March 8, 2010

I don't agree

"It's very different from adopting," Paulson agreed. "Everyone would rather have a baby from their own egg and their husband's sperm, but if that's not possible, the next best thing after that is that you get pregnant with donor egg."

"With adoption you get to be a parent once the baby is born but with donor egg, you get to be a parent from the moment of conception," he added.

The mother bonds with the child by carrying it for nine months, said Silber, "and whatever question marks she may have had by it not having her DNA are erased by this bonding process."
Taken from this article:

I think you are a parent of an adopted child the first time you "meet" that child, be it through pictures, through a surrogate ultrasound, or in person. I know that with Ché we bonded with his picture, the reports that came telling us how he was doing, and progressing.

DNA and pregnancy do not make you a parent by any means.

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misshum22 said...

That is so weird to me. I am sorry, but once it is someone else's egg entirely... who cares???

So what if you carry the baby or not? It still doesn't make it genetically "Yours." And pregnancy doesn't ensure a bond with your child, either.

And you know what? You don't become a parent at conception. You become a parent once you have the kid and it is all up to you. That doesn't matter if it's in a hospital or a hotel room in Guatemala.