Friday, October 16, 2009

Secret Belly Pics

Che was invited to his first birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese this past week. To be honest, we were skeptical, but the last time I remember being in that place it was dark, and dirty, so that was my memory from oh, about 20 years ago (eek, that makes me feel old)

Anyway, the party was on a Tuesday evening, which I have to say is genius. There were about 15 kids in the whole place, and it was great, no pushing, and wildness. In face the games Che wanted to play were available and he could just walk up and do them.

The birthday boys mom, a good friend of ours, was able to take some pictures of the festivities. This is at the end of the Birthday Show, where they randomly toss out a bunch of single tickets for the kids to scramble and pick up. Being that these little guys are only 4, they didn't get the significance of picking up the tickets, but boy did they enjoy the confetti like effect.

Here's Che playing a toddler style car racing game. There were no other cars to race against, just yourself, and you followed arrows along the path. He really enjoyed it and did quite well, although most of the time he did not push the gas pedal and just let the little car putter along.

And this was one we first got there. Che was mesmerized by the animitronic Chuck E. and Friends band, and there were TV's to watch. Needless to say, I don't think much got eaten at that end of the table.

Of course, unbeknown to me, I ended up in two of these pictures, so there are belly pictures that exist. It's honestly bigger than I thought, but than I only see it from the top. We used to have a full length mirror in our house, but when Che moved upstairs, the door it was on got taken down. This has led to a lot less awareness of how things are progressing.

On another note, speaking of things progressing, we are past the point of viability, meaning that if something happened there is a 90% chance that the babies would survive. Also progressing is the size of my cankles. If you have any idea what the next naming would be after cankle I could really use your help. I truly believe that they have grown beyond that name, and need something new.

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