Friday, July 10, 2009

Just an update

On Monday my doctor removed me from the metformin, which means that my body no longer has help digesting sugar. The thing I've noticed though is a return of the exhaustion.

It was so much better last week, sigh. Wish that hadn't come back.

I'm happy to report though that my aversion to food is going away, although some things still ick.... like the commercial for KFC Grilled chicken, just turns my stomachache, I can't even watch it. I've also noticed a tightness in the clothes, and have thoroughly enjoyed wearing the one pair of maternity capri's that my mom so generously bought for me. They have a lot of room, don't get me wrong, but they're oh so comfy.

People keep asking me about cravings, and I don't think I've really had any that are that outstanding or that "I can't live without it..." however I guess I could start the list with orange pop and ice.

Mike has lovingly gotten me a big cup of ice from the neighborhood Speedway at least 3-4 times per week with no complaining. He did however complain when I sprawled out on the bed the other night with my knee in his back...

I am going next Thursday morning for a 1 hour Glucose Tolerance Test. Since being taken off the meds., and carrying twins my doctor wanted to be safe and do one now and one later. Hooray for me! I'm worried about it though, just because everything else with the pregnancy has been so easy, so I've been waiting for something to happen...

So we'll see what happens.

Have a good weekend and if you get a chance on Tuesday, wish Mike a Happy Birthday!

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