Friday, May 29, 2009

I know

You're all waiting with baited breath to hear the news. But I'm not sharing yet, although lots of people know the answer already.

I'll share soon though, just not ready yet.

On another note:

We visited Chicago over the long weekend and Che had a great time playing with his cousins. They own one of these:

But, those crafty people didn't put the big battery in it so it was just a really big radio, which still kept those three kids (age 4 and under) occupied for most of the evening. We had some great barbecue, smoked brisket, and smoked ribs. It was great, and Che really liked it too.

As always we left late, and Che fell asleep by the time we were on the toll road. It helped that it was dark and rainy, that he didn't have a nap that day, and that he was totally worn out. He slept until about 5 miles from home, when a loud thud to the car woke him. The thud.... a deer.

Luckily, Mike's superb driving skills really helped out as he braked and swerved, hitting the deer with only one side of the car. The headlight was a goner, and there were lots of dents and damage, but no one was hurt, and luckily the air bags deployed. I believe there was also talk about saliva being smeared down the side of the car. I called my mom, to tell her that we were almost home and Che grabbed the phone. This was the conversation:

Che: "Hi Nana."
Nana: "Hi Ché, how are you?"
Che: "I'm ok. We bumped into a deer."
Nana: "You did! Is everyone alright."
Che: "yea." at this point he got really sad... "but I think it was a reindeer."

He talked about that reindeer off and on for the next couple of days. We assured him that the deer's momma gave it a band-aid and kisses, and we're sure it's better. Of course in reality, that deer was hurting, since we only hit the back half, and I'm sure by now it's not living anymore.

It was an interesting incident by the way, but hopefully the talk of reindeer is on it's way out.

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