Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I've worn glasses since I was in 3rd grade. My first pair were pink plastic. I hated them, but there weren't as many options then, and it wasn't cool to wear glasses. Now, very cool.
But there's a big problem: glasses are expensive.

Our insurance, like most will cover glasses, or contacts, not both. This is fine, if you wear glasses all the time, but I have serious disdain for glasses in the summer, due to the sweating factor. I hate the feeling of them sliding down my face, not to mention the sweat build up leading to break outs.
In the past, we've shelled out the money for whatever is cheaper, letting the insurance cover the other, or I've tried to make the contacts last 2 x's longer than I should.

This time though, I was smarter. I did a search for cheap glasses, and stumbled across this site:
Amazing. I ordered 2 pairs of glasses, with prescription frames, and one set with clip on sunglasses. Any guesses as to the total? (you know it has to be cheap if I ordered 2 pairs.)
A hint: It's even better than the Buy One, Get One 1/2 off, deal at some of the chain eye glass stores.
Pictures: These might help make the cost determination:

So, to recap: 2 pairs of glasses, prescription lenses in both, clip on sunglasses:

Total (with $4.95 shipping): $58.80

I'm not lieing.
Each pair came in an opaque white case, with a cleaning rag in both... for under $60.

I know you can get single prescription and bifocals. I'm not sure about trifocals. All you need is your prescription, and to measure the distance between your pupils (easily done in a mirror with a dry erase marker and another pair of glasses).

Check it out if you're part of the glasses wearing club, it's well worth it, and depending on your insurance, it could be cheaper than your eye doctor, where my last pair was over $300.

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MissHum22 said...

I love those! I don't need glasses yet, but we all do eventually. Those make me wish I needed them - very cute!