Friday, October 31, 2008


There's a website called Woot. The gimmick is that the have one thing to see per day, and once it's gone it's gone. Things are always at a great price, so you get a deal. Connected to Woot is ShirtWoot and Winewoot.
I've gotten two awesome shirts from ShirtWoot, but today, the shirt is too worthy to not have mention.

If you don't understand it, go here.

Along with every Woot is a description of the product, and they are always hilarious. Check out the description for this shirt:

"America, this debate has torn us apart long enough. It’s time to find some common ground. Even the most pro-oar among us can agree that rowing is a lot more work. Besides, history shows us that if the water’s shallow enough to wade across, your boat might get stuck. And the pro-boot forces, for their part, can admit that not everyone is comfortable choosing wading, from those who are disabled or elderly to those who prefer to minimize the risk of getting wet.
The most important thing is, we all want to reduce the number of failed water crossings in America today. That’s why it’s time to build a bridge between these two opposing viewpoints. And that bridge over our troubled waters will be…a bridge. An actual bridge, we mean. Then we can stop arguing over this bitterly divisive issue and turn our attention to matters of substance, like whether or not two stick figures can legally marry."

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