Thursday, July 24, 2008


A bit of background:

My parents live in a century+ old house. It's a farmhouse that at one time encompassed nearly all of our neighborhood, from the street we live on to the train tracks (now about 8-10 blocks away) and similarly as far to the east and west. It was owned by the same family until my parents bought the house in 1982. The Perkins family had lived in the house and farmed the land for many years before selling off the land to make houses for returning WWII veterans. (These houses have become lovely low income now.)

Regardless, when my parents bought the house it came with an abstract. We don't get these anymore, but it's kinda neat. The abstract contained information about the house, when things were done, things about the family, etc. that had lived there. In the abstract (which was very detailed) they made mention of the family members, and how the land was to be divided. One family member, a daughter to the original owners, was given her share of the land, although it was said that she would be allowed to stay in the house with whomever lived in the home and the brothers were to take care of her land, giving her the majority of profit. We assumed this meant that she was handicapped in some way and couldn't get on by herself, and wasn't marry-able. Her name, Amelia, was mentioned one other time, and then she drops off the face of the abstract. The other children are given detailed histories, when they married, their children, what happened to their land, when they died. But no Amelia. No, Amelia just disappeared.

So of course, my parents said she died in the house and was buried there and no one wanted anyone to know, so they didn't write it done. This left lots of room for speculation. Did the brothers murder her for her land? Did she die in an accident? There were so many possibilities. Of course, we were also told that Amelia was still around. We have a Michigan basement, which was concreted over in October of some year (everything happened in that house in October), and it had holes drilled in it, presumably for treating bugs, or dealing with the squeaky bricks underneath the concrete. We were told, as kids, that this was for Amelia to breath. No joke, my parents have a sick sense of humor. I was terrified of that basement and still won't go down there alone at night. I am also notorious for keeping that deadbolt bolted.

As we grew up we believed less and less of Amelia and her happenings in the house, but a few conversations have led us to believe that maybe she really did stick around. I remember once both my parents talking about when they first moved into the house (I was about a year, my brother over 3), and my mom woke to go and check on him. When she went out into the hall, a white figure in a long dress, thin with long hair was in the door to my brother's room. It turned looked and mom and disappeared. I guess there were other sightings and feelings throughout the house. Nothing bad ever happened, no threats, no things falling off walls, etc., so it was just assumed that it was Amelia and she was checking things out. She disappeared completely when we got older. The other day my nephew said he didn't want to stay at Nana's house anymore because the lady in the hallway won't let him get out of bed. hmmm.

Anyway, the thought now is that she's around to check up on the house when things change. When she's satisfied that everything is going alright she disappears.

Which brings me back to my original post thought:

I was talking to Mom yesterday and she told me she had a visitor. I suspected my brother, or Aunt, but no, she said Dad stopped by.
She proceeded to explain that this was the 3rd time he's come by, and each time it's been on a day that's been rough for her. Yesterday she said that when he stopped by he stood in the doorway, like he used to, looking coy and acting funny, then told her "Love you Babe," and "I told you things would be alright." He apparently stayed a bit longer, then left.
At first I didn't want to believe my mom, thinking that she was dreaming, or who knows what. But the detail with which she described the happening and the way that she said she felt afterward is too uncanny. She said she felt so calm and slept better after he stopped by and this has been how it was the previous 2 times.

So what do you think? Believe or not? At this point I'd like to think he's visiting, but even if it isn't true I sure do like that it gives Mom some peace.


Kymberli said...

I believe it. And even if I didn't, I would still agree wholly with your last line. These experiences are bringing your mom great comfort, and that's all that really matters.

VERY interesting story about your childhood home!

MissHum22 said...

Call TAPS or Lisa Williams!

Anonymous said...

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