Monday, June 9, 2008

Ask and ye shall receive

After complaining in my last post about how Mike's work was going to cover part but not all of the drugs, I get a phone call with good news.
They're going back to April 1, which means everything is covered. We'll be getting money back to help pay for all of the drugs. Wow.

On another note, I haven't written about it this time, just keeping it in, but here's the new report:

Letrozole is done, hot flashes included. (I hope), the shots have been going well. Mike is getting pretty good at it, and I had an ultrasound this morning. There are about 4 eggs to be seen, but only 1 is the right size.

But you know, it only takes one. And in our minds, 1 is better than 4.

The only thing that went south was the blood draw. Normally I don't have a problem with this. Not to say that I like it, but at least I can do them now without going crazy. the phlebotomist today couldn't find my vein. (I normally have very good veins). She found it in my left arm, poked and nothing. She jiggled the needle, poked deeper, and nothing. I felt like I was going to vomit and faint. (read: lightheaded, iron taste in mouth, hot...) She finally gave up and went to the other arm with a smaller needle. It worked, thank goodness, because I don't know that I could have done another poke.

I truly think though that the only thing that kept me from puking, was the mint gum I had popped in prior to my appointment. I just hope that this doesn't happen again.


MissHum22 said...

reminds me of the last one I got while preg w/ Romana. I wasn't feeling well that morning to begin with, and then the nurse commented, "Wow you must be really dehydrated - your blood just isn't coming out." BOOM.

Ha ha ha - but I am an ace with panic attacks. Now someone you really should have seen getting blood drawn was Darin before the hospitalization! Oh, I'm talking dry heaves - the works. They had to lie him down & give him juice. I think he was holding out for a cookie, myself. He's much better with all of that now, though.

...Good luck!!!! We're rooting for that little egg!

Kim said...

Good news on the insurance! Good Luck! NCLM

Echloe said...

i hate getting my blood drawn. I always always have to look away.

Good luck with your 1 great egg.