Saturday, June 14, 2008

2 thoughts; 2 subjects

Dang that HcG shot hurt!


It's hard to be interested after your spouse administers the painful HcG shot.


I have to say out of all of the shots, it was the worst. It actually made my stomach pouch out, where the shot was given. Mike said the needle didn't want to go in. It also stung a lot more than the others, and left a puncture mark.
But it's done. I go next Thursday for an HcG check, and possibly a booster. I will also have bloodwork done on Thursday.

After this weekend, it's just a wait and see time.

3 upcoming things:

1.) We're getting ready to go to Lowe's to build a tape measure. Ché is very excited, because he can have a tape measure like Nana! Hopefully get to post pictures later.

2.) We're going to the zoo next Saturday with other adoptive families in our area. Yay!

3.) Next Friday, we're coming up to Chicago (BEAVERS!) to go to the Science and Industry Museum since it's free. It's only $9 a person to ride the train and Ché is free, so we're making a day of it with Nana.


DC said...

I've never done my HcG shot in my stomach, but always in my butt. It doesn't hurt at all (probably because I have plenty of padding!). ;)

Kel said...

My mom had to give me my HcG shot because I did IVF out of town and my husband was at work. She put the needle in slow and took it out slow. It hurt like a b*tch and then left a huge bruise that remained for over 1 week.