Sunday, May 18, 2008

A shirt

We had to buy a shirt for my Dad today. It was very difficult. I don't know how my mom is holding up so well.

She cried only once in Kohl's, and i teared up many times. You can only look at shirts and hold it back for so long.

She also brought the good point that we won't buy things for him anymore. We're a family that if you see something someone would like you buy it. For Dad it was fishing, Star Wars, and tasseled towels and curtains. We can't do that anymore.

The worst part was, the cashier telling us to have a good day. She didn't know, obviously, but it just stung. Of course we weren't going to have a good day, but for all she knew, we we're going to a wedding.

You certainly look at things differently when your situation changes.

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