Saturday, May 31, 2008


Today was our first venture to the pool for the summer.
Mike's parents lovingly buy us a pool membership to their community pool. We lovingly enjoy!

The pool has a baby pool, and the big kid pool, complete with slide and diving board. It's really family friendly and Ché loves being in the pool.

It took about 1 1/2 minutes for him to remember that he really loved the pool last year and then there was no stopping him. We had backfloating, bubble blowing and face dipping as well as sitting and kneeling on the bottom. When we got out his floaty thing he was off in the big pool on his own.

Of course the hard part was when we needed to leave to come home to eat. A shivering baby that screams just isn't a pretty picture.

On another note, we start again tomorrow. Letrozole, the bravelle, then who knows. I'll post the schedule later.


Portia P said...

Hi there

Here via nacomleavmo.

I'm so envious of your pool time. Not something we get here in London. At the moment, most of the water i see falls from the sky.

Your son looks gorgeous.
Good luck with your cycle, PP X

sara said...

Hi (from NCLM), sounds like you guys had a great time at the pool, how fun! Your pictures are precious and I just wanted to wish you the best of luck with this cycle.

hopeful #1 said...

I love pool days! That's so grea that your in-laws got you the pass! Have fun!