Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I have ice down my pants.

And it's by choice.

Tonight is the last night for the injections. I'm glad. Very, very glad. I was all set to do it on my own. The injecting part that is, with Mike dosing things out. He's a much more precise measurer than I. (I do the pinch of this, dash of that cooking, Mike measures water to make mac-n-cheese)
But, through no fault of his own the mixing of sodium chloride and bravelle took a lot longer than expected, and I, lost my nerve.

Mike took care of the injection. The first was the worst. I think he moved the needle after it was in my stomach and it just caused some discomfort. The 2nd and 3rd were much much better, they didn't even hurt. I think it's because I iced prior to all three, but only after the 2nd and 3rd.
I was really glad on Wednesday night to be done with that whole part of this process. I did break down on Tuesday and cried while Mike sat on the couch with a needle in his hand. He even offered to put it all away, but I figured that defeated the purpose of the whole thing we're trying to do. So I took a minute and we were fine.

I went this morning (Thursday) for an u/s and some blood work. It seems as though I do have some follicles but they aren't as big as they should be. I have no idea what the blood work indicates.

So I wait and finally get a call from Indianapolis office and the news is:

2 more nights of Bravelle injections
an ultrasound in Indy (3 hours from us) on Saturday
an HcG shot on Sunday
Intercourse Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday

Ya, more shots.

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