Monday, May 12, 2008

Anybody got any money?

Sigh, if only that would fix the problems.

Mike and I made it an hour early to our appointment on Saturday morning. Luckily for us, they let us in an hour early and did our appointment. Of course since Mike works for a pretty well known Catholic University, nothing that is deemed as infertility is covered. The blood work on Saturday wasn't covered, and cost $139. The ultrasound had to be billed as infertility too. It was $230. The whole appointment cost $369 and lasted at most 30 minutes. (That's $738/ hour and $12.30/ minute for you math people)
We left, I felt good. I had three follicles on my left side that were measuring about 15-16mm. We thought we would do a few more Bravelle injections, and have another ultrasound on Mon./Tues. of this week. (Coincidentally I had a perfectly sized follicle on the right side, but since it's not connected, it doesn't matter). Everything was fine, and while I wasn't looking forward to more home injections, it was alright, and we figured things would be ready to "go" by mid-week. The nurse was going to give us a call that afternoon after talking to Dr. Jarrett to let us know the procedure and to let us know that she would call in our prescription to the pharmacy.
We stopped for breakfast at a Bob Evan's in Kokomo. I had biscuits and gravy and didn't feel guilty thinking that in the grand scheme a carb splurge was alright since things were going down the right path.
How wrong we were. About 30 minutes from home the phone rang. I answered, and listened, said mmhmm, and said everything was fine and hung up. Only, everything wasn't fine. The blood work showed that my estradiol and lutenizing hormones didn't rise, and with the slow growth of the follicles, it was pretty much a wrap. The follicles probably wouldn't grow anymore and so the advice was to stop taking all meds and let nature take it's toll. Basically wait for a period and start over again.
I cried, I didn't talk to Mike, and basically felt guilt. Too much diet coke? Was it the meds that I missed (the non-essential ones)? Did I eat too many carbs?
I'm still lamenting over it.
It was nice though to have a phone call from the Dr.'s office today just asking how I was. Someone actually cared, and didn't make the "he knows what he's doing comment," and blow me off. The nurse that called said she would be talking with Dr. Jarrett again today and let us know.
Again, we wait, but now we look for financing options that carry lower interest than our current credit cards.
I wish there was an easier way.

BTW, If I hear any of these comments again I may kill someone:

1.) You have Ché, and should be grateful for that.
(I am, very much so, but I don't want him to be an only child.)
2.) Just relax
3.) It'll happen when it happens.
4.) Did you check whether you and your husband are compatible?
(This was said by a phlebotomy tech and was talking about sperm and cervical fluid)

I'm sure there are others that I'm not remembering but you get the point.


Mike said...

I do care, and I wish I hadn't said that dear.
In my defense its been many years since I had developmental bio, and I guess I'm not prone to get as frustrated (since I'm not nearly as uncomfy/physically invested as you).
I just see it as happening over a course of time, not a one-stop shot (nothing we've enjoyed has come easily). I hardly like spending in that fashion, but I yearn for the hopeful end result.
Unless its a girl, then its iffy. Seriously, I'm going to be an awful father to a girl; I think you're totally right.


Resplendentquetzal said...

I realize taht you didn't mean to, but honestly, one should use their head before spouting off.

And BTW, I didn't rat you out, so noone knew it was you that made the comment in the first place.

MissHum22 said...

There is nothing I can say about this except it sucks. All that time, energy, chemistry and hope for naught... I am really sorry. Just wanted to let you know I care - no crappy advice, philosophy or anything like that.

**susy** said...

Oh man. That's no fun. Im not sure if this is why it was cancelled, but if you had one at the right size but wasn't connected, once that one o'd they'd all O.

I had an iui cancelled once before too for the same reason; and I was told once the biggest went, they'd all go.

Sorry this happened. It totally doesn't make sense nor is fair when we want this so bad.