Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What a weekend!

We spent Friday and Saturday in Chicago. Ché was so excited to finally be on the road to Chicago, instead of just driving by it!
We arrived at Uncle Ted and Aunt Sharon's house around 4 o'clock our time. We promptly began helping out with the birthday party preparations. It was very difficult trying to explain to Ché why he couldn't eat the gummies we were putting in the bag, but hey, it was fine! We then went up to explore what Tracy was doing.... and found her in the midst of these:

Ché was amazed and kept asking to taste. We finished up frosting the little ones, and that last purple one was a bit hard. My hands had warmed up the frosting in the bags so much, that it didn't want to stick to the cake. The purple "hair" kept coming off in clumps, and I was convinced that the morning would find one bald monster, and a pile of purple hair on the table in the morning.

We then had some dinner with Uncle Ted, Aunt Sharon, Tracy and ourselves. The Beavers very kindly bought Aurelio's pizza and 2 were devoured in no time.

It was getting fairly late and so Ché went to bed. Aunt Sharon gave us a blow up Dora bed, and so we thought we'd try it, but honestly, it was a no go. Ché just thought it was a play thing, and we had to set up his portable crib. He only cried a few minutes and then was out. I'd forgotten how loud a sleeper he was, since the last time we've slept in the same room as Ché was in Missouri almost a year ago.

Saturday brought more party preparations, and a drive to Algonquin that I couldn't replicate if I my life depended on it. Ché and Nadja were like old friends and Romana was just fascinating to Ché. We know that he loves babies, but for some reason he was enamored. It could be because she's beautiful!

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MissHum22 said...

great shots, Liz! Thanks for coming! We always love to see you guys. I'm so happy to see all of our little monsters playing together. Can't wait for the newest monster to join them! (When will that be, September?)