Thursday, March 13, 2008

Playgrounds, ice cream, and Kisses

Yesterday the weather finally agreed to warm up a bit. We're not talking heat wave, but tolerable at least. It was like 45 degrees, so not awful. Ché had a great day with Grandma, and so as a treat we took him to a playground. The playground is at a Catholic School near a railroad track. Appropriately fenced for safety and all.

Ché had a great time, there were "weees" (slides), swings, and things to climb on. We tried to do the rock climbing wall. We stayed for about 45 minutes, playing running and laughing. We had the whole playground to ourselves, so there wasn't anyone to take turns with, etc. The best part though was that the train tracks were so close, and you could see the crossing from the top of the curly slide. So, we were at the top of a slide and watched a train go by. It was forever and a day long!

We then returned to playing, and Ché even left nicely after his 2 minute warning. Of course as we were leaving, another train goes by, and we stand in the parking lot watching the whole long train.
As we were leaving Daddy even offered to take us for ice cream at one of our local shops. Ché had strawberry, I had sugar free chocolate something, and Mike had Peanut Butter cup. The whole time Ché kept trying to trade ice cream with us, because his bowl was getting emptier and emptier while our cones still have ice cream on them. It was very cute. The best thing though? Before we walked into the shop, Ché was saying something, and I finally figured it out: "Mama kiss Ché?"
I melted, and of course gave him many many kisses.
We then finished our good evening with a bath, and a baby in bed asleep by 8:15pm. (He had no nap, so I can't take all the credit for him being so tired, but still)
He did wake one time during the night, around 11:40, and said "Dadeee, and then fell back asleep." It was very hard not to laugh.
I leave you with a few pictures:
A work of art created a few weeks ago by Ché. From left to right are Daddy, Mommy, Ché, and Candy, our dog. The approximately 2 foot tall snow people had met the unfortunate master known as the Sun, and were in the process of melting by the time I came home. This is why Ché's head, is next to his body, and no longer on top of it.

Grandma took this picture, while learning to use our camera.


halfmama said...

Oh my, is he gorgeous or what?? That smile can melt hearts.

Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog! And yes, parenting is GRAND!! :) (said with some cynicism, of course.)

Tricia said...

I love the picture that Grandma took!!!! Too cute!!!!!!