Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The continuance

I was too tired last night to post a full thing so I'll finish where I left off.
Today is my birthday! I'm 26.

We spent the whole weekend in Chicago, celebrating Mike's Dad's birthday. His actual day is tomorrow. Ever since I've been a part of their family, we've celebrated together. One year I'd pick a restaurant, and the next Dad would pick. It's worked out well. This year, since he turns 65, he decided that he wanted something more, so invited us, a couple that they are friends with, and his wife's brother and sister-in-law, for a weekend in downtown Chicago. We had a really great time. We stayed here, at the Affinia hotel. Even though the lobby and restaurant construction wasn't done yet, everything else was complete. We stayed on the 27th floor, with a view right down St. Clair Street. It was really nice being able to look out at the city from that high up. I'm normally not a big fan of heights, but it didn't bother me that much. The staff was really nice, they remembered our name (not easy when you're living as a Brueseke), and used the names when they saw us, offered to get things (anything) for us, and when we did ask for something it was brought or answered promptly. One of the greatest things though was that Gino's East was next door, and so Friday night we dined on deep dish and salad. It was very yummy. Mike and I were the youngest part of the couples during the birthday celebration, but we still had a great time.

On Saturday, the other 6 people in our group went to the Chicago historical society, while Mike and I wondered downtown. We went into stores, and ate lunch at Mity Nice, which was a bar and grilled located inside Watertower. We expected food to be much more expensive, but it wasn't that bad. Mike had a great Green River Float to celebrate St. Patrick's Day and I had some mini-cheeseburgers with homemade pickles. This lunch was after visiting Galt Toy Store, where we spent too much money on Ché, probably because we felt guilty that he wasn't with us. This is what we got him:

These fit on his train tracks. Someone bought him Brio to start, so we've gone with it.

We already had some pattern blocks, but they don't "fit" into places, so I thought this would be a better introduction, since they are more like puzzles.

And we were set to leave the store. And then Daddy saw the Plasma car in action, and we had to go back in and get one, because he just knew Ché wanted and needed on. And he does. He really does. The hardest decision was deciding on color. We went with plum and orange. They didn't have the green that Daddy really wanted. Because you know, Ché looks good in green.

So, we spoil our child. Of course we do. Saturday night we went to Club 200. It was a nice atmosphere, and the music was good, but the food was just so so. After a 3 hour dinner, 8-11, we went back, talked a little and went to bed. We had breakfast the next day, and while the other 6 headed home, Mike and I headed to Ikea. We never pass up a trip to go there. Of course we bought too much, and spent too much money, but we always do that. One thing that we did purchase was a bed for Ché. It expands from a small size to a twin size and is still low to the ground. We're not planning on moving him yet, but eventually have to spring him from the crib.

We also got him a new blanket and pillow cover set and some sheets to go with his new bed. Again, not being used now... but eventually. We spent some money on other random things, and the mattress that we bought Ché came with a $25 gift card, so now we can buy more Ikea-ness. I'm not sure what that will be yet.

While we were living it up in the big city, Ché spent the whole weekend with Nana, Papa and Boosh. He had a great time, even if he was a bit of a pistola. On Friday he went to a fish fry and ate a lot, and then Saturday morning spent some time hunting Easter Eggs in a local park. He won a stuffed bunny too! Sunday was church and just quiet time at home. He really didn't mind that we had gone, and he talked to us several times on the phone with no bad reactions. He was happy to see us come home, but it wasn't a big deal to him. I'm glad that he trusts that we will come home, and isn't worried about being left again. One of the cutest things though is that he has put together that cousin Nadj lives in Chicago and will now add that to his Chicao/Toleeo routine. Grandma bought him a Goodnight Chicago book, and when he got that yesterday he was very, very excited. He looked at it said Chicao and then looked through the book.

This morning, he took the book to Grandma and said "Chicao, read, Gramma."

I promise Cousin Liz that I will get to that Meme soon, but maybe not today, it depends on how much work I do at work!


halfmama said...

Happy Birthday!! You're a young'n. :)

The twins LOVED that Melissa & Doug puzzle. Fought over it all the time. :) And, that plasma car ROCKS. We don't have one, but Buddy and I were cruising around on it in Target a couple of weeks ago. Yes, I got some funny looks but it is SO COOL.

Glad you had such a great time in Chicago!

MissHum22 said...

take your time ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!