Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Hey everyone. No I haven't decided to abandon my blog, just been busy. We took a day trip to Chicago on the South Shore, to pick up my son's Naturalization Certificate. He's now a citizen of the United States... whatever greatness that entails.

On another note, Dad is doing great. He's eating more, and has more energy. I believe a lot of this is because a stress was lifted. My parents of course worry, but since they got good news last week, they've been able to relax a little.
However, this also means Dad thinks he can overdo on the physical part. Yesterday Mom told me that he cut pallets in half, loaded them onto a trailer, burned them in the fire pit, then refilled the trailer with dirt and went around the yard filling holes and adding dirt to flower beds. Mom came home from work to find him doubled over in the garage retching his guts out. Of course she wasn't happen, he wasn't happy, in essence no one was happy...
Sigh, she gave him a good stern talking to and sent him to nap!

No she's worried about him doing this stuff when she goes to work, so that just gives more of the worry back to my mom.

Any suggestions on how to get my Dad to take it easy but still do stuff?

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